How to Write A Biography

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Recommended Website:
The Biography Maker

This public school website offers a simple-to-follow outline on how to write a lively and inspirational story about someone’s life. When you get to the site you will see a brief introduction. Click on “Start Up The Biography Maker” and a new page opens with the 4-part outline that includes:

  1. Questioning — Get a list of questions to ask about your biographical subject’s life that produce interesting answers.
  2. Learning — Find resources you can use to learn more about the person’s life.
  3. Synthesis — Discover how to put all of the information together by moving ideas and facts around like puzzle pieces.
  4. Telling The Story — Find out how to craft paragraphs based on the information you have.

Once you’ve explored the 4-step overview, click on SIX TRAITS OF EFFECTIVE WRITING. This section of the site has specific guidelines for how to organize ideas and content, what voice to use when writing, what descriptive words to use, how to produce fluent sentences and more.

While this site does not provide an instructional lesson plan — it does provide a general overview and outline that can be very helpful in organizing material and thoughts for effective writing. Print it out and keep it handy. Many of the points discussed can be used to write stories other than biographies as well.


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