Pistachio Nut Tree Farm Virtual Field Trip

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September is harvest time for pistachio nuts. At this website, you can take a virtual tour of the Eagle Ranch pistachio nut tree farm in New Mexico. When you get to the site you’ll see an introduction to the “Eagle Ranch Pistachio Groves Virtual Tour.” Just click on the “next” arrows to take the entire virtual tour that includes the pistachio nut tree groves, packing plant, and gift shop. The tour may seem a little confusing because it starts with the finished product which is gift-packaged pistachio nuts. The tour works backwards and includes:

  • The Gift Store (where they sell the nuts)
  • The Art Gallery (this is just a side-line feature at Eagle Ranch)
  • The Shipping Department
  • The Packaging Department
  • The Processing Plant (Here’s where you’ll find pictures and text describing how they sort and process the nuts.)
  • The Salting & Roasting Plant (See pictures and text describing the process.)
  • The Pistachio Groves (See some photos of a pistachio tree orchard.)
  • The Picnic Area
  • The Vineyard

When you conclude the tour, use the menu on the left side of your screen to read the story of Eagle Ranch, get more information about pistachio trees, find some pistachio nut recipes, and read the FAQs to learn the history of why some pistachios are dyed red.


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