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Recommended Website:
Poetry Teachers

I featured this website, designed for teachers of poetry, about 3 years ago. New upgrades make it worth another look. If you want to teach your kids poetry — you must visit this site. It contains clever and fun ideas for how to teach poetry, how to conduct a poetry theatre (complete with poetry scripts), and all kinds of fun poetry activities that the kids can do online and offline.

When you get to the site, you will see some of the featured items and a menu of poetry options that include:

  • Poetry Class – Learn how to teach kids different types of poetry while instilling excitement about it as they learn to write funny poems — includes a huge list of themed poetry starters.
  • Poetry Fun — Find all sorts of games, rhyme riddles, fill-in-the- blank poetry starters, and tongue twister races.
  • Poetry Theater — Your kids can perform small plays in which the characters speak in poetry. The scripts are complete and ready to use!

Don’t miss the link to their sister site, Giggle Poetry (that we’ve also featured previously).

That site is designed especially for kids to explore. You’ll find it has similar activities — but addresses them from a kid’s perspective, rather than a teacher’s.

Today’s site also offers poetry-themed books and products for purchase. You don’t have to buy anything to access all of the free ideas and activities.


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