History (and more!) Through Bowling

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Recommended Website:
Get Ahead with Bowler’s Ed

ClickSchooling list member MaryAnna recommended this website when she wrote:

Make the most of all those trips to the bowling alley! At this website you can watch video clips and download quite an extensive bowling-based curriculum (health, history, language arts, math, science, p.e., etc.) The history section is really something covering bowling from ancient Egyptian times to the present day.

In addition, if you click on “Kids” on the menu, you’ll find a couple of simple free, online, bowling-themed math games and some printables. This site seems to be geared for the elementary grades. (Note: They hope you will be interested in buying their bowling supplies. But that’s not required.)

You can access the curriculum to download or print out after registering. It’s free — and well worth the slight inconvenience. You’ll find an extensive selection of lessons, printables, games, puzzles, word searches, and fun activities.

In addition to all of the lessons, this site also has advice for starting bowling leagues for kids. Have fun!


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