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Recommended Website:
Antelope Publishing: Ongoing Tales for the Family

Today’s website is sponsored by a publishing company that sells electronic literature (from the past) for family listening. You can purchase the e-literature, download it onto CDs, and listen offline. To whet your appetite, they offer a FREE E-Magazine on their website that provides FREE samples from their “Literature From The Past” collection.

The site is a bit tricky to navigate. When you get to the site you will see a menu. Click on an item and it takes you to a description of that section. For example, if you click on “Fairy Tales” you’ll skip to a section with the CLICKABLE title of “Old Time Fairy Tales” followed by a brief description. Then, you MUST CLICK ON THE TITLE to get to the actual menu of dozens of fairy tales you can read online — all enhanced with illustrations and music. (NOTE: I found some of the music distracting and annoying — fortunately, you can double-click on a “Stop Music” button.) You will find menu selections that include:

  • Fairy Tales – A collection of dozens of old-time fairy tales & fables (some that you’ll recognize, some that you won’t) enhanced with electronic media.
  • Poetry – a collection of old-time poetry from various out-of-copyright children’s books, enhanced with electronic media.
  • Stories and Books – In this section one book is featured for an ongoing period of time. New chapters are added periodically. You must click on the featured book title of “Pinocchio” in order to see the Table of Contents that currently includes 6 chapters of the book that you can read online. You have to check back with the website regularly to see the updates — so book mark this site if you want to continue to refer to it.
  • Bible Stories – A selection from the Old Testament is featured and updated periodically. Currently “The Kings of Israel” featuring the life of Solomon is available for viewing online.

This site provides a techie way to introduce classic literature to kids. It’s a bit confusing to navigate at first because they distract you from the free literature with buttons that take you to sections where you can purchase the e-literature. Once you get the hang of it, you can avoid the commercial aspects (if desired) and enjoy the freebies.


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