Teens, Money, and Credit Cards

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A ClickSchooling list member wrote and asked, “Do you know of a site that teaches teens how to best use credit cards (or other ways) to build their credit? My 18-year-old is getting information that totally contradicts what I’m telling her and I’m having a difficult time with it!” It’s never too early to start learning about money skills. Here are some websites designed for teens (and kids of all ages) that teach money skills including everything you need to know about credit and credit cards…

Recommended Websites:

It All Adds Up

This interactive website was designed to help high school teachers and teen students understand responsible personal finance management and the proper care and use of credit. Lesson plans include:

  • Module 1: Getting and Using a Credit Card
  • Module 2: Buying a Car
  • Module 3: Budget Odyssey
  • Module 4: Saving and Investing Blitz
  • Module 5: You’re Going to College

Practical Money Skills for Life

This VISA-sponsored website is comprehensive and designed for school use and family use as well. The link I provided takes you directly to the Lesson Plans page for Young Children (Preschool-Grade 2), Children (Grades 3-6), Teens (Grades 7-12), and College (Ages 18 and up). The Teen section includes one lesson devoted to credit, and another lesson all about credit cards.

ING Direct’s OrangeKids.com

ING Direct has come up with a clever, interactive way to help kids understand how money works — so that instead of spending a lifetime working for money, they can make the money they earn work for them to gain financial independence and security. This website was designed to teach financial literacy to students in grades 4-8, however younger children will enjoy some of the activities with guidance from mom or dad, and older visitors, including teens, will enjoy the information, games, and quizzes as well. Some of the lessons include:

  • Moneyland — Learn about the meaning of value, currency exchange, finding a job, and earning money.
  • South Spending — Get the 411 on smart spending, budgeting, credit, credit cards, credit interest, and credit history.
  • Republic of Saving — Find out about saving strategies, inflation, interest, banks, savings accounts, checking, CDs, and ATMs.
  • Investor Islands — Explore the risks and rewards of investing including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and diversification.

All of these activities are delivered through interactive games. You can test the knowledge you gain at each area by taking a quiz that requires using math skills. Don’t forget to check out:

  • Parent’s Corner — A nice introduction to Planet Orange and how you can use the information to increase your child’s financial know-how.
  • Teacher’s Resource Center — FREE lesson plans with printable worksheets that complement the information at the website! You must register (provide your name, address, school name, etc.) to access the lessons and use the curriculum planner — but it’s free, and the materials are top-notch.

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