Science Through Toys at The Museum of Childhood

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Museum of Childhood: Kids Pages

ClickSchooling list member Sheree Harrell recommended today’s website, designed by the Museum of Childhood, that allows you to make a virtual kaleidoscope among other amazing activities combining toys, technology, and the science behind them.

When you get to the site, you will see an icon menu in the middle of your screen and an alternate menu on the left. Careful! The menu on the left offers a few more selections than the icon menu — and the activities here are so much fun, you’ll want to see them all. Enjoy everything from interactive slider and jigsaw puzzles to toy-themed word search puzzles — and don’t miss:

  • Build A Toy — Select the parts you’ll need to make a toy and move it to the toy box while avoiding traps and robots.
  • Create a Kaleidoscope — Make a virtual kaleidoscope by selecting interactive items that make interesting patterns.
  • Moving Toys — The best of the bunch! You’ll learn the history and science behind a variety of familiar moving toys — from spring-loaded to battery operated.

Don’t forget to print out the FREE instructions and patterns to make your own Toy Theater or Thaumatrope too!

Bookmark this site — it’s great educational fun!


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