Historic Jamestown

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Recommended Website:
Historic Jamestown

This website features Historic Jamestown, the location of the first permanent English settlement in North America. It was recommended by ClickSchooling list member Mary Burns who wrote, “Here is a great site I found when I was researching our upcoming vacation to Williamsburg. This has two interactive areas where you have to excavate, study artifacts, apply for grants, etc.”

You’ll find fun, multi-media interactive displays that will satisfy the historians and archaeologists in your family as they learn “the story of the role of the three cultures, European, North American and African, that came together to lay the foundation for a uniquely American form of democratic government, language, free enterprise and society.”

When you get to the site you’ll see a brief introduction and the featured exhibits and dig sites. There is a menu just beneath the picture of the settler at the top of the home page that includes:

  • The Dig — Get information on where they are currently excavating in Jamestown and examine the artifacts.
  • History — Learn the history of Jamestown where, on May 14, 1607, the Virginia Company explorers landed on Jamestown Island, to establish the Virginia English colony on the banks of the James River 60 miles from the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay.
  • Education — Designed with classroom teachers in mind, you’ll find a wide selection of FREE downloadable/printable Lesson Plans for Elementary, Middle School, and High School. This is also where you’ll find the “You Are The Archaeologist” interactive exercises.
  • Links — Visit other virtual displays about Jamestown on the Net, and get information on planning a REAL trip to Jamestown.

In 2007, America will commemorate the 400th Anniversary of the landing at Jamestown. Today’s site offers great material to help prepare for and celebrate that event.


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