Science with Mexican Jumping Beans!

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Recommended Website:
Wayne’s World Online Textbook of Natural History: Mexican Jumping Beans

Most kids (and adults) are fascinated by Mexican Jumping Beans. At this website you can read all about them and see cut-away pictures that disclose what’s really inside of them that makes them “jump.” You’ll also find answers to questions such as:

  • What Makes Jumping Beans Jump?
  • Why Do Jumping Beans Jump?
  • How Far Will Jumping Beans Jump?
  • How Many Months Will Jumping Beans Jump?
  • Can You Eat Jumping Beans?
  • Is It Illegal To Bring Jumping Beans Into The U.S.? (Answer: No!)

In addition to the fascinating information at the site, they provide a link to a website where teachers (and yes, that includes homeschool teachers) can order jumping beans. From simple sets to large quantities you’ll find what you need if you want to pursue investigating jumping beans. Once you have some jumping beans of your own, you can print out their free Mexican Jumping Bean Game.

Another humorous website that you may enjoy, Beans That Jump, contains some great pictures of Jumping Beans in various stages of development along with “The Official Mexican Jumping Bean Owners Manual.” They also sell Jumping Beans (4 beans- 1 box- 2 bucks) but only during the Jumping Bean “season” from August to December. As explained at the site, “Mexican Jumping Beans are a seasonal phenomena harvested only once a year. Jumping Beans mature 21 days after the first Spring rains in May and must be collected soon after they fall to the ground. By the time our fresh Jumping beans are imported and packaged, they become available for adoption around mid-August through December 1st.”


This website was designed for parents and kids to have fun with Mexican Jumping Beans. Follow the links at this site to:

  • Watch a jumping beans video (requires QuickTime and takes a minute or two to download)
  • Learn about the Care and Feeding of your Pet Jumping Beans
  • Get Information to help with a school report (This takes you to the Wayne’s World Site featured above.)
  • Make a house for your Pet Beans (No kidding! Download and print out FREE plans for constructing a Dutch Colonial House, a Victorian Cottage, a Shop, and a Space Transport for your Jumping Beans!)
  • Print out a FREE Jumping Bean WordSearch
  • Join the Bean Blog and talk about your Pet Beans
  • Buy a Bean Family or Bean Team (All kinds of kits and prices available during bean season.)
  • Learn to Play Games with your Beans including Football, Basketball, Ice Hockey, Soccer, Pool
  • And much more!

Who knew learning could be so much fun? Enjoy!


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