Fun with Pre-Algebra, Algebra & Geometry!

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Recommended Website:

This website offers free virtual math tutoring online in the subjects of pre-Algebra, Algebra and Geometry. The site says it’s for students in K-12 and their parents. That’s interesting since these subjects are usually delayed until middle school level and up. Perhaps the creators and contributors to the site (or the “tutors”) who have extensive teaching experience and hold degrees in science or engineering from top universities, think these subjects can be taught to eager students at any age. I’ll leave it to you and your students to decide…

When you get to the site you will see a menu that features:

  • Algebra Solutions — Here, you can enter a pre-algebra or algebra math problem and click on “Submit” to receive an automated step-by-step solution. Also offered are “Mini-Lessons” in everything from negative numbers and square roots to the Pythagorean Theorem and The Law of Sines. Each “Mini-Lesson” provides a quick review of the subject along with examples and illustrations. Within the “Mini Lesson” pages you can click on “Worksheet” for online practice — or print out the worksheets for additional practice off-line.
  • Geometry Solutions — This section offers a fun calculator to determine the area of geometric figures (everything from triangles and trapezoids to circles, cubes, & cones) based on the information you enter. As explained at the website, “…when you type in the angle, side, or the hypotenuse of a right angle, Geometry Solutions will calculate the perimeter and area based on the information you entered. The formulas used to calculate the perimeter and area of each kind of geometric figure is also given.” The designers suggest that using the geometry calculator and formulas together will strengthen a student’s knowledge and abilities in geometry.

Don’t miss the “special features” section next to the menu. It includes a neat automatic graphing tool and some fun online math games.

This site offers user-friendly high tech tools to help teach mathematics that are common in the fields of science and technology. Because they are fun to use they may capture the interest of your whole family.


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