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Recommended Website:

ClickSchooling list member Deanna suggested this website when she wrote, “This is by far the BEST SCIENCE website we have found in a LONG time. I guarantee you and your kids will be hooked.” This site is definitely worth bookmarking! Presented by the Science Alberta Foundation of Canada, when you get to the site be prepared for a multi-media scientific extravaganza that you can choose to view in regular format or 3D. (You’ll need to check their systems requirements to be sure you have the latest technology to run the programs. You can download them for free.) Then, regardless of which format you choose, you are in for a treat as you explore the menu that includes:

  • Interactive Activities — You’ll find many games that teach as they entertain. Learn how to read your gas and electric meters, find out about alternative energy resources, study forest management, find out how fossils are made, learn about hearing, make a robot, discover wetlands, play with medieval levers, build a Tipi, and track the phases of the moon!
  • Printable Activities — Print out FREE worksheets and activity pages to use offline that complement and reinforce the lessons in the interactive activities. These aren’t just coloring pages — they are more like curriculum extensions.
  • Science Works Videos — THE BEST PART OF THE SITE (in my opinion). You’ll find FREE videos you can watch online to learn about: power generation, the environment, music, mining, entomology, forensics, ornithology, forestry, space exploration, and even nanotechnology.
  • Ever Wonders — This is a cool idea. The premise is to ask, “Did you ever wonder about (pick a topic)?” Then, this section provides an answer. For example: Did you every wonder if all birds flap their wings at the same speed? Go to the site to find the answer. There are only 4 selections in the archive — so, bookmark the site and return occasionally to see if they add more.

Have fun!


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