Free Homeschool Spelling Lessons, Free Spelling Worksheet

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Recommended Website: — Free Homeschool Spelling Course

This site offers free spelling lessons for grades 6-8 and links to find more free spelling materials for all ages. Here’s how it works…

When you get to this commercial website you’ll find a FREE 30-lesson homeschool spelling course for students in grades 6-8. It includes printable spelling rules and step-by-step lessons. The idea here is that if you like the spelling course, you may be motivated to purchase their other courses in grammar and punctuation. When you get to the website just use the menu on the left side of the screen to access each free lesson.

But that’s not all…if you scroll down the home page, you’ll find links to an array of language arts websites that offer all kinds of free materials for educators. One of the links takes you to “Spelling It Right” that offers free spelling worksheets for elementary grade students and to help students who need remedial work. You’ll find advice for parents on how to help kids become good spellers along with all kinds of free worksheets to practice spelling including spelling rules like “silent e”, consonant blends, plurals, suffixes, prefixes and even word search games to reinforce spelling.


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