Earn Prizes for Reading Books!

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Recommended Website:
Book Adventure

At this website, sponsored by the non-profit Sylvan Learning Foundation, your child can earn points to win prizes based on the number of books they read. The twist here is that your child must take an online quiz about the book they read in order to earn points.

A neat feature at the site is a search mechanism to help your child find books that will be of interest for their age/grade/ability level. They can print out the results of the search and use the information to get the books from their local library or bookstore. Then, once they’ve read the book, they can take the quiz at the website to earn points that will help them win prizes such as books, a subscription to Highlights Magazine, a gift certificate to use at Balloon HQ and more.

This site is designed to be used by kids in grades K-8 with supervision by parents and/or teachers. Parents/Teachers must approve their child’s registration and can also register to receive reports of the child’s progress.

The easiest way to understand how this site works is to take the site tour. When you get to the website look for the menu on the left side of the screen. Click on the button that says “Tour The Site.” It will give you a nice overview of what is available — including free, downloadable teachers’ guides and a guide on how to start a book club. You will also find links to many additional reading resources.

Reading incentive programs DO encourage kids to read. The interactive aspect of this particular program makes it all the more fun!


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