Marshmallow Peeps Social Sciences!

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Recommended Websites:

Peeps Travelogue

Take a virtual tour of the world with your host, Travelogue Peep! That’s right, Peeps make the best tour-guides as proven in this photo journal of the world. Visit New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Ireland, The Caribbean, and the U.S.A. with Peeps! Just click on the little peep chick at the top of the page to get started.

Peeps In the Workplace

American culture is so steeped in Peeps, that the little sugary confections have even seeped into the workplace. What happens when you tell your co-workers that you hate Peeps? Go to this website and find out. (Do these people ever get any work done?)

Peep Quiz

Think you know a lot about the history of Peeps? Take the quiz and test your knowledge of Peepology. By the way, if you don’t score well today, bookmark the site. Tomorrow’s website will boost your knowledge of Peeps so you can ace the test if you take it again. :)


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