Marshmallow Peeps Science!

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Note: Parents, as always, should preview these sites to determine the suitability of the content, especially for young children.

Recommended Websites:

Peeps Research

This very funny website documents science experiments conducted on Peeps — some of which may inspire your own Peeps experimentation. The studies focused on basic attributes and reactions of Peeps to simple conditions and stimuli such as:

  • Reaction to cold
  • Reaction to heat
  • Solubility testing
  • Low-pressure environments

Of course, as the website explains with tongue-in-cheek, all peep subjects signed a disclosure form explaining the potential risks of their volunteer service. After you view the basic experiments, learn about Peep health, including the effects of smoking and alcohol on Peeps, the disturbing but common incidences of conjoined Peeps, and how Peeps react to fear.

B.S.T. — Bunny Survival Tests

Seems that science types just can’t get enough of experimentation on Peeps. This site gives humorous detail about the personalities and characteristics of good and evil bunny-shaped Peeps determined during the following Peeps tests:

  • Laser Exposure Endurance
  • Slow Application of Heat Test
  • Flame Tolerance Test
  • The Hottub Test
  • Electrocution Tolerance
  • The Coyote Test
  • Oxygen Deprivation Test
  • Radiation Tolerance Test

The good Peeps bunnies, fed up with being treated so shabbily by the evil Peeps bunnies, strike back through more research that you are supposed to be able to access by clicking on “Bunnies Strike Back” on the sidebar menu. A new page opens listing experiments that expose Peeps to ants and honey, April Showers, a deep freeze, baseball bats, and there is even a segment titled “Peep Roadkill.” One can only imagine, since the links to all of them didn’t seem to be working. However, the titles provide plenty of information to inspire the wanna-be Peeps researchers in your house to conduct their own experiments. ADULT PERMISSION AND SUPERVISION REQUIRED.

The Vince Monte Peep Experiment

Just when you thought there couldn’t possibly be any more Peep experiments, Vince Monte shows you what happens when you force-feed chocolate milk to Peeps.

Peeps Space & Computer Science (Kind Of…) Marshmallow Peeps in Outer Space

This site offers two interactive computer games — Peep Invaders and Peepsteroids. Peeps are invading the Earth and it’s your job to stop them. Using the arrows on your keyboard and your spacebar, get your spaceship to blast them to smithereens.

Have fun learning about science with Marshmallow Peeps!


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