Marshmallow Peeps Math!

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Marshmallow Peeps come in a variety of colors and shapes making them great math manipulatives for sorting and counting activities for preschoolers. What about older kids? Never fear — here is a math activity using Marshmallow Peeps for kids in Grades K-8.

Recommended Websites:

Marshmallow Peeps All in A Row

What a fun way to learn measurement and estimation skills! Lessons using Peeps are provided for several grade levels at each of the links as follows:

Cooking is also a great way to practice measuring skills. Martha Stewart’s website offers the following recipe for making your own marshmallow confections. It’s a fun project that teens can tackle independently — or make it a family affair (with adults supervising children):

Make Your Own Peeps

Have fun learning and practicing math skills with Peeps!


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