Marshmallow Peeps Language Arts!

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Recommended Websites:
Lord of the Peeps: Fellowship of the Peep

This website offers a retelling of Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings”
using Peeps as characters in a photo-illustration of the story.

Click on a chapter and then click the Peep “arrows” at the bottom of
the page to see all of the pages in each chapter. Who knows, it
could inspire your children to retell a few of their own favorite
stories, with or without Peeps. This monumental tome is incomplete —
you might want to bookmark the site and return to see it when it is

Peeps Haiku Poetry

This website offers a smattering of Peep-inspired Haiku poetry that
just might inspire your kids to write their own Peep Haiku poem.
Need help learning to write Haiku? Visit



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