Marshmallow Peeps Art & Crafts!

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Recommended Websites:

How to Draw a Marshmallow Peep

[2011 Update: Since this review was written in 2006, the original site has gone, so the above link leads to its archived version on the Wayback Machine. Please be patient while it loads.] This site offers 5 easy steps to draw a perfect Peep!

Make an Edible Peeps Necklace

What a fun Easter or Spring celebration gift! You’ll find simple step-by-step instructions for how to make an edible Peep necklace!

Incredible, Edible Peep Art

See the most amazing Peep sculptures and artwork made from Peeps — everything from Peep centerpieces to Peep palm trees! Use the menu on the left side of the screen to click on “Gallery” in order to view the photos of this remarkable Peep art. Note: While I viewed some of the content here — I didn’t have time to see it all. Therefore, as always, parents should preview the site before sharing it with the kids. :)


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