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Recommended Website:
Extreme Science

We have featured this site in the past. It has been updated with lots of new info and is well worth another visit.

There isn’t a kid (make that person) who won’t find something interesting at this science site that focuses on EXTREMES in any given scientific field of study. The information is user-friendly and well organized with lots of wonderful photographs and illustrations.

When you get to the site, scroll past the ads, read the introduction and visit the featured presentations that include:

  • The Giant Squid & Giant Jellyfish
  • Extreme Weather Records
  • The Creepiest Creatures on Earth

Then, use the menu on the left to explore science presentations such as:

  • Earth Science — find out about the geological record setters: the highest mountain, deepest ocean cavern, biggest earthquake, highest wave, etc.
  • Maps — a wonderful source for maps and atlases online with everything from topographic maps to star charts.
  • Space — learn all about our solar system, how Earth evolved, explore the stars and night sky.
  • Technology — learn about the latest developments in robotics, lasers, electron microscopy, superconductors, fiber optics, nuclear cold fusion and more.

You can also check out “Animals & Animal Pictures.” Learn all about the biggest, fastest, and most deadly creatures (insects, mammals, reptiles, etc.) on the face of the earth!

You’ll also find links to other terrific science resources on this site too.

Extreme Science is one of the best science websites currently available. If you have a child who loathes science — or just doesn’t seem to have an interest in it — visit this site with them. There is something of interest for every age and ability.


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