Fun Games To Learn About Canada!

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Recommended Website:
Civilization: Canada

ClickSchooling list member MaryAnna found this site in her Internet travels. A product of the Canadian Museum of Civilization, the website offers all kinds of interactive, multimedia, online exhibits that allow visitors to explore the archaeology, culture, history, art treasures, military history, and the first peoples of Canada.

When you get to the site you will see info on the featured exhibition at the museum. Look at the menu on the left side of your screen. Click on a topic to explore the various exhibits by subject.

A good way to introduce the scholarly information at this site is to first explore the games and activities. To do that, under the title “Resources For” on the menu, click on “Kids.” A new page opens with a menu of “Cool Stuff” and “More Neat Stuff.” Each offers online activities and games that teach about Canadian history and social studies while they entertain. They include:

  • Mystery at Number 262 – Explore a Victorian house and learn about life during that era while you try to solve a mystery.
  • Explore Tut’s Tomb – Take a virtual tour of King Tut’s tomb. (My ignorance may be showing, but the connection of this to Canada’s history wasn’t obvious. Perhaps someone on this list knows? Regardless, it’s neat. :)
  • Crossroads of Culture – Try the games or download the printable coloring pages to learn more about the cultures that have influenced Canada.
  • and many more!

For most of the members on this list that live in the U.S., this website affords you the opportunity to learn more about our neighbors to the north. Enjoy!


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