Virtual Field Trip to Cliff Dwellings and Adobes!

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Recommended Website:
Castle Rock Pueblo Field Trips

This site offers a tour of the pueblos and cliff dwellings of Native Americans in the Southwest including the Anasazi, Puebloans, and those who lived in the Mesa Verde region.

When you get to the site, there is a brief introduction. Use the menu to explore 3 different field trips of the Castle Rock Pueblo region located at the Crow Canyon archaeological site that focuses on three different historical time periods: 1200’s, 1800’s, and 1990’s.

On each trip you collect clues to solve a mystery as you read the detailed history and look at photographs, maps, sketches and paintings of the adobe and stone pueblo dwellings, ancient artifacts, and petroglyphs. As you read the account of the region and the people who lived there, you may come across words that are unfamiliar (i.e., kiva, Hopi, Zuni, adobe, etc.). These words are highlighted in the text — if you click on them a definition from the Glossary pops up. You will also learn much about methods used by archaeologists when they excavate sites of historical significance.

Study Guides and Lesson Plans are also available for the fourth and eighth grades.

This is a well-presented and carefully crafted educational site — don’t miss it!


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