The Stone Age!

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Recommended Website:
Flints and Stones

The British Museum of Antiquities sponsors this site where you can learn all about life during the Stone Age with a “Shaman” as your tour guide. Through artists renditions and photographs you can see what life among the hunter-gatherers was like as the Shaman explains (in easy-to-read text) the terrain, shelter, hunting and gathering of food, artwork and ceremonies of ancient people.

Also, at this site is the opportunity to tour the Stone Age through the eyes of an archaeologist. This tour provides detailed information on how climatic changes altered the environment and terrain and how it impacted ancient humans. You can view photographs of weapons and hunting tools that have been excavated, and you can see pictures of the caves and dwellings that were used. You will also learn about cave art and items used for adornment, and the rituals of hunter-gatherers.

Once you have taken the tours, you can learn about the misconceptions modern man harbors about Stone Age peoples — and get the real facts. You can also click on a timeline that gives perspective on when in history the Stone Age occurred.

When you are through exploring the site, take the Food Quiz to determine if you would survive as a hunter-gatherer today. You are shown pictures of various mushrooms and fungi, nuts and berries, and leaves and flowers. Next to the pictures is a question, “Would you eat this?” You are asked to click on “yes” or “no”. The results are interesting — and everyone in the family will have fun deciding what they would and wouldn’t eat in order to survive.


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