Rainforest Science for Kids!

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Recommended Website:
Rainforest Heroes

This is a remarkable and comprehensive website that not only provides information about rainforests in a fun and interactive way — but it also teaches kids about activism to conserve rainforests. Designed with classroom teachers and students in mind, many of the activities and lessons here can be tweaked for homeschool use.

When you get to the site you will see some information about a recent poster contest, and below it there are icons that correspond with the menu items on the left side of your screen. Use the icons or the menu to explore these offerings:

  • Kids Action — Find instructions on what kids can do to protect rain forests — from writing letters to learning what you can do around the house to make a difference. This section contains lots of activities, explanations, pdf files, and links to more sites with great information.
  • Heroes Corner — This section features information on projects that school students have done to help conserve rain forests. I didn’t see any homeschool projects here — hmmm…maybe it’s time to change that. :)
  • Jungle Gym — Want to learn and have fun too? This section’s for you! There are rainforest-themed crafts, recipes, crossword puzzles, books, and interactive online games!
  • About Rainforests — Watch a video, read the factsheets, check our a rainforest slide show, review the rainforest glossary of terms, learn about the forests of the world, identify rainforest critters, and check out links to other fascinating rainforest sites.
  • Protect-an-Acre — Read letters from a pen-pal exchange between students in Ohio and Peru, learn about the indigenous people of the rainforests, and find out about fundraising programs.
  • Teacher’s Lounge — Find downloadable, free rainforest lesson plans, along with resources for teachers — some that are free, some that require a hefty fee for classroom use.

Again, while the site is designed for teachers of grades 3-6 (approximately), most of the activities can be adjusted easily for homeschool use.


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