Pyramid Cam!

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ClickSchooling list member Michelle wrote, “My son has taken an interest in pyramids and we found this Pyramid Cam site (with beautiful pictures) that allows you to compare the size of known objects like the Statue of Liberty to the pyramids. We have been waking up in the morning to catch sunset views.”

What a treat! Best viewing times for U.S. visitors to the website is in the morning (when it’s sunset in Egypt). You’ll find the current (real time) camera view of the Pyramids in Giza. Below the image there are links to:

  • Images of the night camera which is being tested.
  • Photoblog — pictures of the pyramids taken by visitors.
  • A QuickTime movie of an amazing sunset that was captured on film on January 17th, 2006.

Then, use the menu at the top of the screen to see:

  • Image Gallery — an archive of pictures from the Pyramid Cam.
  • Best — Breathtaking photos of the Pyramids captured by the Pyramid Cam.
  • Compare Size — Check out how familiar objects compare in size to the Pyramids — from the Statue of Liberty to the Eiffel Tower!
  • FAQ — Get some answers to common questions asked about this site, including what kind of camera is used.

Note: The “Movie” link on the menu didn’t seem to be working when I tried it. However, I was able to view the QuickTime Movie of the Jan. 17th sunset by clicking on the link from the homepage below the current camera image.

Gather the family around the computer for a stunning virtual trip to the Pyramids in Giza, Egypt!


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