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Recommended Website:
Instrument Encyclopedia

Today’s website offers a visual and sound encyclopedia of selected musical instruments used in cultures throughout the world. Over 50 individual instruments are featured with a photograph, informative text, and in some cases an audio file is provided so you can listen to the sound the instrument makes. The instruments are divided into 4 major categories:

  • Percussion — includes angklung, bell, castanets, daiko, darabukka, Jew’s harp, kettle drum, rattle, tambourine, and xylophone.
  • String — includes balalaika, guitar, harp, hurdy gurdy, lyre, dulcimer, ukelele, violin, and zither
  • Wind — includes accordion, clarinet, bassoon, Flugel horn, flute, harmonica, ocarina, trumpet, oboe, organ, recorder, saxophone, and trombone.
  • Electronic — This category contains one offering, a Theremin — don’t miss it. Fascinating!

In addition to this remarkable collection of instruments, you will find resources for educators including a glossary of musical terms, information about museum collections of instruments located in the US and Canada, and links to other sites about collections of musical instruments. You can even search for instruments based on geographic location. This site provides a great way to get acquainted with some of the more unusual instruments used in our global community.


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