Writing Lessons and Tips for Grades 4-12

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Recommended Website:

This Canadian website presents a set of activities to help students improve their writing skills while expanding their vocabularies and knowledge through exploration of various topics including history, nature, science, and lifestyle — everything from Chinese Immigration to Wolves to the Origins of Valentine’s Day. It is divided into three main categories:

  • Words — Students can increase vocabulary by learning new words that are presented in pictures, photos, diagrams, maps, and time lines themed around a particular topic that is of interest to them. The “key words” are accompanied by correct English pronunciations heard through RealAudio. Take the “Words Quiz” to see what you’ve learned.
  • Sentences — Learn English grammar rules and sentence construction by expanding on topics introduced in the “Words” section. Information is presented in pictures and photos accompanied by narrated sentences that can be heard using RealAudio. Then, take the “Sentences Quiz” to test your understanding of grammar and sentence construction.
  • Paragraphs — Designed for students who are learning to write paragraphs and essays, this section explains how to organize and edit writing using specific topics. The essay examples build on information presented in the “Words” and “Sentences” sections. Then, take the “Paragraphs Quiz” to demonstrate how to use notes to organize a paragraph or essay, and test your proofreading and editing skills.

When you get to the site you will see a “Feature Topic” and a menu. My suggestion is to read the “About” section on the menu first, so that you understand how this site was designed for use (it can be a little confusing). Then explore the rest of the menu that includes:

  • More Topics — A directory of the many topics offered to springboard interest in the writing activities.
  • Tips-O-Matic — This is sort of a grammar and writing textbook online. Under the main categories of sentences, paragraphs, and essays you’ll find lessons in grammar, parts of speech, punctuation, sentence structure and more.
  • Word of the Day — Sign up to receive a free daily email that presents a new vocabulary word along with its definition. WritingDEN aims to help kids improve their communication skills by making it fun to learn to write. By exposing kids to a variety of interesting topics, easy to follow writing activities and interactive quizzes — all backed up with lessons in correct English language usage — they hope to effectively prepare students to express themselves well through writing.

My thanks to ClickSchooling list member, MaryAnna, who recommended the WritingDEN website. :)


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