Virtual Field Trip to Caves!

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Recommended Website:
The Virtual Cave

This is a spectacular virtual field trip all about caves. :)

When you get to the landing page, you will see a short introduction in which the website owner explains that he’s been a cave explorer and photographer for 30 years. His “Virtual Cave” website contains images of caves he has visited as well as explanations of their formations — information that he’s collected over his career. He divides them into 4 categories including:

  • Solution Caves — Visit over 40 of the most familiar types of caves, and see images of incredible formations including stalactites, stalagmites and more.
  • Lava Tubes — Virtually explore 36 caves formed by flowing lava.
  • Sea Caves — Look inside some well-known caves formed by ocean waters.
  • Erosional Caves — Peek inside a tall, canyon-like granite cave.

This site provides a look at some of the most fascinating forms inside our Earth. Invite your family to become arm-chair spelunkers as you take this trip to The Virtual Cave.


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