Design-A-Home with Frank Lloyd Wright! (CSAW)

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Recommended Website:
Architect Studio 3D

Don’t miss this website! A HUGE thanks goes out to ClickSchooling list member Susie for recommending it! She wrote: “I’m not sure how you would classify this website but it is really cool. You can build a virtual home with Frank Lloyd Wright and then take a 3D tour of it. Then, you can post it on the site’s gallery so other visitors to the site can look at it. I’ve been having fun with it and I hope you do also.”

When you get to the site you will see an introduction and meet your mentor-guide, Frank Lloyd Wright. (If you don’t know who he is, read his bio by clicking on “About Frank Lloyd Wright” at the website.) You will see a menu that includes:

  • Design Studio – This is the HIGHLIGHT of this website! Have fun while learning architectural and design principles as you create your own buildings and living space and get acquainted with the ideas of one of the world’s most influential architects. This hands-on design program (in 3D or non-3D versions, depending on your computer capability as explained at the website) lets you start the way real architects do – with a client who has lifestyle preferences and a site that has its own environmental considerations. Then, use your imagination to design your own architectural solutions for your client. Through this interactive experience you will gain understanding about spatial relations and the process of design. Not only that, when you are through (if you’ve chosen the 3D version) you can enter your creation to personally experience the space! If you like your design, you can submit it to the Design Gallery so the world can tour it and voice their opinion too!
  • Design Gallery – Check out the designs by other visitors to this site and rate them based on how well you think the architect met his or her client’s needs and the particular qualities of the location. Questions to consider are: “Did the architect choose a floor plan that works well with the natural characteristics of the site? Does the interior layout of rooms respond to the client’s needs and preferences? Do you think the architect was attempting to design a tastefully-decorated environment or was the architect’s goal to create a funky, fun space? Was the architect effective in that attempt?”
  • About Architecture – Explore the Architect’s Handbook and learn the principles and insight architects use to see the world and create unique living and work spaces. Or virtually visit houses around the world and see the designs used depending on the people and the environment.

By the way, below the main features described above, you will find additional offerings on the menu bar located at the bottom of the Home Page that includes:

  • For Teachers and Librarians – offers suggestions for how to use this site along with curricular connections.
  • Related Links – Websites for further exploration of the work of Frank Lloyd Wright.

This website is designed with students in grades 7-12 in mind. However, younger students may enjoy the interactive aspects of this site with a little guidance from mom or dad. :)

This site gets a ClickSchooling Award for innovative use of technology to make learning fascinating and fun!


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