Fantastic Social Studies for Kids!

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Recommended Website:
Social Studies For Kids

Bookmark this site right now! It offers tons of great resources about history, geography, government, different cultures and more that your kids will enjoy.

When you get to the site you will see a headline banner with the name of the website. Below it is a menu that will help you navigate through some of the website — click on “Fun Facts” to find out why we read from left to right, why Paul Revere didn’t finish his famous ride, how “Liquid Paper” was invented by a Monkee’s mother, and why Mount Everest isn’t the tallest mountain in the world.

Below the menu bar, you will discover the highlights currently featured at the site in Geography and History. For example, if you visit the site today, you will see a feature presentation on “The 10 Longest Rivers In The World.”

To the far left of your screen you will see a menu that features:

  • Current Events — Get some insight on what’s taking place throughout the world.
  • Book Reviews of fiction and non-fiction — Books that are either about or incorporate social studies for ages 4-18.
  • Fun and Games — An unbelieveable selection of interactive computer games for history, geography, cultures, economics and more.
  • Cultures, Holidays, Languages, Religions — An array of links to websites with activities, information, and resources to explore the world’s people and their customs and beliefs.
  • Economics — The website description of this section says it best: “Economics is not just money. It’s businesses and how they work. It’s lemonade stands and how many dollars they take in. It’s toy collecting and baseball card collections. It’s taxes and allowances. It’s stocks and bonds. Economics is part of almost everything you could ever think about. Find out how by visiting the links on this page.”
  • Geography — You’ll find more than maps here. You’ll find links to websites with lessons and activities that help kids to have a better understanding of the world, and where they are in relation to the rest of it.
  • Government — Learn everything from how a bill becomes law in the U.S. to how other countries are governed.

You’ll also find selections that contain historical timelines, information on U.S. and World History, activities for learning about every state in the U.S., information about ancient civilizations, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, Wars, Archaeology, Sports, Explorers, and more. There are even teaching resources.

This is one of the best sites I’ve seen on Social Studies to date. It gets the ClickSchooling Award for excellence!


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