History Through Inventions

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Recommended Website:
The Great Idea Finder: Inventions

A big THANK YOU to list member MaryAnna for suggesting today’s website that is a showcase of innovation. It chronicles the history of inventions, inventors, and great ideas. When you get to the site you will see a main menu in the center of the page. Use it to access:

  • Invention Facts & Myths — An alphabetical directory of some of history’s most interesting inventions and the stories behind them including the Abacus, Car, Coca-Cola, Frisbee, Hair Dryer, Internet, Jell-O, Liquid Paper, Microwave Oven, Post-It Notes, Slinky, and many more. Each invention includes a bibliography for further reading as well as links to more sources of info on the Internet.
  • Inventor Profile — An alphabetical directory of Inventors that includes the biographies of notables such as Steve Jobs (Apple Computer), Ed Johnson (Christmas Lights), Harvey Ball (Smiley Face), Alfred Butts (Scrabble) — and many more. Some of their inventions were serious and others silly — but they all made an impact on the world. Includes resources for further learning through books, the Net, and even some quotes by the Inventors themselves.
  • Innovation Timeline — Use this interactive timeline to search any era in history (from ancient BC to the modern 21st Century) to learn about the innovations that occurred during that time period. Includes photographs, quotations, and resources for further learning.
  • Invention Trivia Quiz — Don’t be afraid to take this test BEFORE you explore the site. The questions are intriguing, so if you don’t know the answers and your curiosity gets the better of you — find out instantly by clicking the “answer” button. A great way to introduce the topic of invention and segue to a history lesson. :)

Students will need good reading skills to explore this site independently — but non-readers will enjoy the information and pictures with a little help from mom or dad.


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