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Funbrain: Mad Libs Junior

The geniuses at have collaborated with the folks at Mad Libs to bring you a free, animated and interactive sample of reading activities that your kids are sure to enjoy!

Many of you who travel in the car on summer road trips may already be familiar with the language arts game called Mad Libs. Mad Libs consist of tablets that contain stories with missing words. Through a very fun, interactive process that teaches parts of speech the players fill-in-the-blanks in the story to create some silly and entertaining tales that really help to pass the time on the road. (Of course, you can play Mad Libs anywhere — not just in the car.) Mad Libs come in numerous themes from the more academic history and science themes to the slightly frivolous summer camp and pop culture themes. You can purchase Mad Libs (for about $4) at most major retail and online book stores — and you can even purchase them at today’s site. HOWEVER, you don’t have to purchase anything at today’s website to sample Mad Libs. Funbrain has techno-sized a few Mad Libs games for fun, online access — and it’s free!

When you get to the site, look for the Mad Libs Junior Menu. Click on any of the 4 Mad Libs game icons. A new page opens. Click on “play” and the game begins. You’ll be instructed to click on a word that matches a part of speech — for example, an adjective, noun, or verb. Choose from among the possibilities offered and continue the selection process through to completion. Then, a new screen appears inviting you to see the story you helped to create through selecting parts of speech. You can even print out your story to read offline — and entertain your friends!

Once you’ve had a chance to sample the Mad Libs, check out the rest of the site that contains all kinds of edutaining online games for kids in grades K-12 — along with lesson plans produced in conjunction with Teacher Vision. We’ve recommended on ClickSchooling several times in the past — they keep adding to and improving the site making it worth multiple trips to access terrific learning resources. Have fun!


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