Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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Recommended Websites:

Math Fact Fiesta! This website offers a thematic math lesson based on Cinco de Mayo and designed for classroom use. When you get to the site you can read the lesson objective, and suggestions and procedures for how teachers can introduce the material to their students. Much of what is offered can be “tweaked” for homeschools — or it will just provide some ideas for how you can teach a math lesson for any ability level, by introducing and using Spanish words for numbers. If you plan to do that, you might want to visit a site that offers FREE Spanish lessons.

Mexico For Kids This is an incredible website designed by a 2nd grade teacher, providing history of Mexico, stories in Spanish, how to count to 10 in Spanish, word searches and puzzles in Spanish, suggested reading about Mexico, a map of Mexico and much more.

Cinco de Mayo: A brief history of the festival

Cinco de Mayo: History Channel Video Presentation.

Cinco de Mayo: Dress Paper Dolls in Costumes Worn by Men and Women During Fiesta

Cinco de Mayo: Mariachi Music

Cinco de Mayo: Mexican Recipes for Students to Make

Cinco de Mayo: This History of the Piñata & How To Make A Piñata

Have fun!


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