The Many Versions of “Snow White”

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Recommended Website:
Snow White

This website is actually a literary study of the fairy tale, Snow White, for college and graduate students. However, there is something for everyone here — from the incredible archive of illustrations of the story to the 36 variations on the storyline including the traditional “literary” version and an inexpensive “supermarket” edition. Whether you follow the study suggestions or not, it’s fun to compare and contrast the textual differences and the changes to minor details in the story as well.

When you get to the site you will see a menu that includes:

  • Introduction — examine the purpose and objectives of this literary study.
  • The Teaching of “Snow White” — a variety of assignments designed for graduate students that might just inspire a simpler study for elementary and high school students.
  • “Snow White” Text — read a hypertext version of the fairy tale that allows users to compare and contrast textual changes and nuances in 36 versions. “For example, in some versions, it is the mother, rather than the stepmother who tries to kill Snow White. (There is evidence that this was the original version.) In some variants also, the seven dwarfs are replaced by seven lusty knights, forty thieves, robbers, or the moon.” Look for questions in each section designed to focus attention on certain issues or concerns that are apparent in the different tellings.
  • “Snow White” Illustrations — a remarkable and extensive archive of story illustrations in different styles and mediums by a variety of artists.
  • “Snow White” Media — find information about different films, videos and audio versions of the fairy tale.
  • and many more options including the study of issues, context, and criticism associated with “Snow White” as well as links to other fairy tales, folklore, and bibliographies.

Because this is designed for adult students, parents (as always) should review this website prior to sharing it with children to determine suitability.


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