Make May Day Baskets!

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Recommended Websites:

Old Fashioned Holidays: Charming May Day Baskets
This website quotes Louisa May Alcott’s description of preparing and delivering May Baskets along with instructions for making a May Basket out of a cardboard box, wrapping paper, and ribbon — topped off with fresh garden flowers, of course!

Basketmakers: May Day Baskets
Here, you’ll learn a little history on the pagan and Roman background of May Day, and find a simple way to make a May Day Basket. There are also links at the bottom of the article to other May Day craft ideas but only 2 of them worked — the Maypole coloring page and the animated Maypole graphic.

Edible May Day Baskets
Betty Crocker offers a simple idea for turning cupcakes into edible Spring Baskets — perfect for an impromptu May Day celebration!

Easy Paper Plate May Day Basket
Kids Domain provides EASY instructions for making a May Basket out of a paper plate. You and the kids can fashion these in minutes, add a few fresh flowers from the garden or buy an inexpensive bunch of daisies at the supermarket and divide them among your baskets to surprise family and friends!

Have fun!


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