FREE Unit Study: How the Earth Works!

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Recommended Website:
How Does the Earth Work?

List member, Tammy Watson, recommended today’s website for budding geologists and as a great supplement to any celebration of Earth Day (the 38th anniversary celebration is on Friday, April 22nd, 20011).

When you get to the site you will see an introduction that outlines the four lessons designed for elementary students. This is similar to a webquest, in that students go to various recommended educational websites to find data to complete their assignments. The lessons include:

  1. The Layers of the Earth — Accept an assignment to investigate what the Earth is made of and how it works — including convection currents!
  2. Plate Tectonics — Become a News Reporter to inform your readers about the Super Continent of Pangaea and Plate Tectonics.
  3. Volcanoes and Earthquakes — Become a Volcanologist and learn to collect data and graph volcanic eruptions.
  4. The Difference between Climate and Weather — Discover what meteorologists do — analyze climate data!

You can follow the lessons in the order prescribed or use each lesson independent from the others to explore an area of interest to your particular student. This is a great use of web technology to further education.


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