Romans in Great Britain?

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Recommended Website:
Tribes & Romans In Northern Britain

Today’s website was recommended by list member, Anne, who wrote, “I would like to recommend a history site to you. The site covers alot about Roman history by offering online ‘child made’ presentations on the different times as well as free teachers’ lesson plans offering many different activities to enforce Roman history. It is full of much ‘factual’ information presented in a fun and exciting way.”

The Museum of Antiquities offers this site that provides learning resources focusing on life in northern England during the Roman period. It is geared for children ages 7-11, but it appeals to a wider audience. It is cleverly designed in that children in schools in England are taking part in this on-going history project. Their artwork illustrates the site — adding a colorful and inviting enhancement to the historical information.

When you get to the site you will see a welcome page with a menu on the left that includes:

  • This way to the Northern Frontier — Includes information about ancient Celtic life (click on images in the charming illustration to get history facts and trivia), and get info about the Roman culture and the deities they worshipped.
  • The Legacy of the Romans — Find info on why the Romans left Britain and how their occupation impacted Britain.
  • How We Know What We Know — Learn all about Archaeology and how scientists use clues to put together information to reconstruct the past.
  • For Teachers — A FREE downloadable, printable on-line pack of teaching ideas and activities, resource sheets and support materials to enhance learning about Romans in British history.

This is a really fun site to explore — with lots of kid appeal. :)


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