Virtual Tour of Black History Through Postage Stamps

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Recommended Website:
Stamp On Black History

February is Black History Month. This amazing ThinkQuest website offers an ingenious virtual tour of black history in America through U.S. postage stamps that commemorate Black Americans who have made significant contributions to society. When you get to the website you will see the ThinkQuest introductory page. Click on the rectangular icon that says “Visit Site.” A new page opens with the title, “Stamp On Black History.” Read the introduction and scroll down the page to the menu that includes:

  • Alphabetical List of Stamps — A Directory of over 60 U.S. postage stamps featuring Black Americans with their names listed in alphabetical order. Click on any name and a new page opens with a picture of the postage stamp and a biography of the person featured. Some of the names include Louis Armstrong, Benjamin Banneker, Ida B. Wells, George Washington Carver, Frederick Douglass, Jean Baptiste Pointe Du Sable, Mahalia Jackson, Martin Luther King, Jr., Jesse Owens, Soujourner Truth, and many more.
  • Stamps By Curriculum Areas — The stamps are grouped by subject area including Art, English, History, Mathematics, Music, Physical Education, Science, and Vocational Education. Click on any topic, and a list of the names of Black Americans featured on postage stamps who influenced that particular subject area appears.
  • U.S. Postage Stamps — Learn how individuals are selected to be featured on stamps.
  • Stamp Collecting — Information on the hobby of stamp collecting and the Black Americans stamp collection.
  • Philatelists in the Classroom — Great lesson ideas on using the Black American stamp collection to enhance learning. Although geared for classroom use, many of the ideas can be used at home as well.
  • Stamp Dealers — Not only a list of dealers who sell Black History stamps, but you can get a packet of FREE stamps too!
  • Black History Tour — I think this is the best part of the site. It’s a virtual tour of Black History starting with African Heritage (300-1619) and moving through slavery in America, the Civil War, the Ragtime and Jazz eras, racism and civil rights, to predictions about what the future holds for Black Americans. The story is illustrated through commemorative stamps. This is an innovative introduction to Black History and offers links to resources for further exploration.
  • Stamp On Black History Quiz — Find out how much you know about Black History by taking a fun, online quiz.
  • Games & Activities Zone — Wow! This section offers Black History word searches, puzzles, coloring pages, a history of African-American cooking along with recipes you can try, craft projects, an activity where you learn how to make “first day covers” and “cachets,” writing exercises, and a math through life-spans activity. A cross-curriculum selection of ideas to enhance learning about Black History in America.

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