Online Math Worksheets for Pre-K- Elementary Grades

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This website offers lots of FREE online math worksheets for Pre-K through Elementary Grades. The site also has worksheets for sale. When you get to the site you will see an introduction that is essentially a sales pitch for this math program that uses worksheets to master fundamental mathematics. However, on the left side of your screen is a green menu bar that offers lots of free, interactive math worksheets that you can use online. There are worksheets for a variety of math strands including, basic numbers, sequence, addition, subtraction, patterns, multiplication, division, calendar math, time, rounding, money math, fractions, and decimal value. Just click on the math topic of interest to you, and a new page opens with a menu of worksheets separated by grade range. You can also just scroll to the bottom of the menu to access the worksheets based on grade-range as well. Just click on Pre-K, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade or Advanced and a new page opens with a menu of worksheets in various math strands for that grade range.

These interactive worksheets are really quizzes. Some of them are even timed tests. You try to answer as many questions as you can correctly and submit your work. The computer corrects and grades your work. A congratulatory message is produced for successes, and you get a note of encouragement to try again for incorrect answers.

This is a helpful website for kids who enjoy computer drill and practice versus textbook work. It’s also useful for reinforcing or remediation of basic math skills. It provides an interactive source of supplementation to any math curriculum.


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