The Best Homeschooling Resources

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Recommended Website:

Lillian Jones is a long-time California homeschool mom and activist. She maintains a remarkable website that contains tons of articles on every aspect of homeschooling written by many homeschool veterans and educational experts. When you get to the website you will see a brief introduction, followed by a box with the title “Gateway to the Internet” (more on that in a moment.) Below the box is a menu of articles archived at this site. Click on any article title and a new page opens where you can read encouraging words and get helpful support on homeschooling. Lillian invites you to “grab your favorite cuppa’ and enjoy…”

Now, about the “Gateway to the Internet.” This is a virtual treasure chest of fabulous educational websites. Click on the words, “Gateway to the Internet” and a new page opens. You will see a menu of category titles that include hundreds of links to all kinds of educational topics and subjects. Many of the links lead to sites that have coincidentally been featured on ClickSchooling at one time or another! The sites are organized into categories that include:

  • Learning, Teaching, and Online Tools
  • Go Figure! The Fascinating World of Mathematics
  • Our World & Beyond – Earth, Science, Space & Technology
  • People, Cultures, and the Making of History
  • The Written Word, Reading and Language
  • Great Gateways to Interesting Educational Sites
  • Fine Arts, Fun Arts, Music & Theater
  • Cool Educational Resources from the U.S. Government
  • Myths & Folklore
  • Especially for Kids and Other Inquiring Minds
  • Family Fun, Outings, Holidays, and Crafts
  • College & Career Information
  • Long Distance Learning
  • Positive Support for Special Challenges
  • Special Miscellaneous Sites

This is a fabulous resource for every parent — and particularly homeschooling parents. Bookmark it. You’ll want to return here often.


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