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Recommended Website:
The Learning Calendar

At today’s website kids can find out what happened in history on any day of the year. When you get to the site you will see a search box — simply select a date, click on “Look Up Date”, and a new page opens with information on an historical event that took place on that day.

Look up your birthday and find out what happened in history on the day you were born!

This is a great way to spark a learning adventure on any given day of the year. But wait, there’s more…

When you are through exploring the History Archive, explore the rest of the site. You will discover that this is the companion website of “The Learning Calendar.” The Learning Calendar is an incredible history-based activity and trivia wall calendar that was invented by a 3rd generation homeschool family in Utah. You can see a sample of the calendar at the website. In fact, the Learning Calendar is available for purchase at the website. But you don’t have to purchase anything to access the FREE history archive or the monthly companion e-newletter.

That’s right, you can subscribe FOR FREE to the Learning Calendar Monthly E-Newsletter. It is a companion to The Learning Calendar. Simply provide your email address and each month you will receive activity ideas that complement the wall calendar, along with related internet sites, printable worksheets, activity pages and much more!


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