History of Dentistry

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Recommended Website:
American Dental Association: History of Dentistry

This site by the American Dental Association provides a unique timeline of dental history. When you get to the site you will see a timeline that includes:

  • Ancient Origins — Trace the origins of dental health from 5000 BC when an entry in a Sumerican text describes “tooth worms” as the cause of tooth decay.
  • Middle Ages-Renaissance — Explore the timeline entries from 500 to 1575 AD. Find out what monks and barbers had in common.
  • 18th Century — Paul Revere was a dentist?! Yes! And in 1776 he was involved in the first known case of dental forensics!
  • 19th Century — Read all about the remarkable advances in dental knowledge and some strange dental equipment that was used from 1801 to 1924.
  • 20th Century — this section recounts the technological advances in dentistry and dental procedures from 1903 to 1997.

When you are through looking at the timeline, use the menu on the left side of your sceen to see some incredible animations for children and adults that explain dental procedures and good oral hygiene. Play some games to promote knowledge of dental health.

Click on “Educators and Students” to find lessons on dental health for grades K-12 — as well as information on careers in the dental health profession.


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