Build Your Own Volcano!

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Recommended Website:
Volcano World: Building Volcano Models

Mount St. Helens’ sputtering and spewing of steam and ash provided the inspiration for today’s website. Here, you will find 10 different methods for building your own volcano! When you get to the site you will see a menu of volcano model projects that include:

  1. Play Dough Volcano Model — See how a 6 & 7 year old built a volcano from play dough. Complete instructions and recipe for play dough.
  2. Paper & Cardboard Volcanoes — Complete instructions for building 2 kinds of volcanoes complete with eruption instructions using baking soda, vinegar, and food coloring!
  3. 3-D Cardboard Volcanoes – More work, but more realistic looking too!
  4. Simple Clay Models — From the simple to the sublime.
  5. Explosive Volcano Model — This laboratory model uses air pressure to propel sand into the air.
  6. Lava Flows on Plastic 3-D Maps — Purchase the materials (from $30-$90 approx.), and then do the experiments.
  7. The Poor Man’s Pebble Volcano — Simple and effective.
  8. The Electronic Volcano — This one is designed with high school physics in mind.
  9. Paper Volcano Model – Print out the free volcano model and follow the instructions for assembly!
  10. Your Volcano Models — Photos of volcano models submitted by website visitors.
  11. How Calderas and Craters Form — Flour, plastic tubing, and a balloon help to demonstrate how volcanic features form.
  12. Paper Mache Volcano Photos — Pictures of paper mache volcanoes created by a cub scouts. However, there are no instructions for these models.

Click on the model that interests you and a new page opens with pictures, instructions, recipes, material lists — everything you need to make your own volcano!

Don’t forget to click on the Volcano World icon that will take you to the home page of this site — where you will find extensive info on the science, history, and current status of volcanoes worldwide.


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