Why Do Birds Sing At Dawn?

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Recommended Website:
BBC Science & Nature: Animals/Birds/Bird Sounds — The World Awakes

List member Anissa from Colorado recommended today’s website all about the sounds birds make at dawn. This “Bird Dawn Chorus” is a phenomenon throughout the world, and this site explores the scientific explanations for it. Today’s link is a segment of the massive BBC Science & Nature website that is packed with amazing facts, information, pictures and sound files that will educate and entertain you for hours. (Bookmark it as you may want to return to explore other portions of the site.)

When you go to today’s recommendation, you will see a menu that includes the following subtitles:

  • The World Awakes — it’s always dawn somewhere in the world, and here you can click on a country and listen to the sound of native birds in that region of the world. You’ll need Real Audio to play and hear the sound files.
  • Dawn Gallery — meet eight of the most common dawn songbirds and listen as a naturalist explains how to identify them by their looks, songs, and behavior.
  • Bird Squawk! — find out what a “dawn chorus” is and why birds sing in the morning.
  • Further Information — find links to the best ornithological sites on the web.

This is a fascinating look at bird behavior — and it may just inspire you to wake your family up early to hear the bird chorus when it begins at dawn. You’ll be surprised how it can change your perspective and open your eyes and ears to the incredible wildlife all around us.


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