Math Tied Up In Knots

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Recommended Website:
Untangling The Mathematics of Knots

The genius of this website is that the sponsors understand that some mathematicians don’t like numbers at all. However, they do like to describe and recognize patterns and draw conclusions about the natural world by manipulating various objects — such as knots. When you get to the site you can read an overview of what this site entails. Below it is a menu icon. To get right to the knot math activities click on “Activities.” A new page opens with a menu of “Activities with Knots” that include:

  • Knot Observations — by observing knots students become familiar with the idea of knots as mathematical objects.
  • A Classroom Menagerie of Mathematical Knots — follow instructions to make many kinds of knots.
  • Seifert Surfaces — using knots to make bubbles!
  • Knot Arithmetic — combine two or more knots to make a single one.
  • Knots in the World — find the math in knots we use to tie and fasten things.
  • Braids & Links — chains of knots can further mathematical studies.

Click on any of the above items and a new page opens with a lesson plan that includes the materials you’ll need, instructions, illustrations, and ideas for discussion. This is really a remarkable resource especially for kids who get all tied up in knots — whenever they think about math. : )


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