Incredible FREE Music Theory Lessons Website! (CSAW)

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Recommended Website:

A BIG THANK YOU goes to list member Beth for recommending today’s website. She wrote, “I thought this website was fun and easy for teaching my kids a bit about music. The lessons, so far, are simple and to the point. Great for short attention spans!”

Frankly, this is one of the BEST music theory websites I’ve seen. Developed by Ricci Adams, a young computer science engineer, this free site offers music theory lessons, trainers, and utilities that include illustrations, animations, text and sound. When you get to the site you will see a quick-load selection box with drop-down menus so that you can choose the topic you are interested in and move to it instantly. You can also use the menu bar at the top of the page that includes:

  • Lessons — A menu of over 30 music theory lessons. Each lesson title contains a short description. Click on it, and a new page opens with the full, interactive lesson and instructions on how to use it. Learn to read notes on the music staff, time signatures, rests, symbols that alter the duration of notes, meter, major and minor scales, chords, intervals, phrases and cadences, triads and much more!
  • Trainers — A menu of practice activities that help improve your ability to recognize notes on a music staff, keyboard, and guitar fret. Not only that you can improve your fingering ability for brass instruments too. Ear Training activities are featured here as well!
  • Utilities — Check out the Chord Calculator — just specify a key and the correct chord will appear on the keyboard. Customize and print your very own staff paper with the Staff Paper Generator. Use the Matrix Generator to create and print twelve-tone matrices.

This is a terrific website for learning and improving knowledge of music theory. This one gets the *ClickSchooling Award* for excellence in educational websites.


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