Backyard Field Trip To See A Blue Moon & Virtual Trip to Moon

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NASA: Blue Moon

A Blue Moon is a somewhat rare occurence — it marks the occasion of a second full moon in one month. There was a full moon on July 2nd, and the second full moon of the month will appear tomorrow, July 31st. Take the kids outside tomorrow night and show them the Blue Moon. Will it really be “blue”? Well, if you visit today’s website you will find out. NASA offers a great explanation (in text and streaming audio versions) of these lunar occurrences — that is, how we can have two full moons in a month, and why the moon sometimes appears blue in color. Once you’ve read or listened to the information at the website — you can click on a link to Sky & Telescope online magazine to get even more information.

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Next stop?

Fly Me To The Moon – A Virtual Field Trip

Take a virtual field trip to the moon by visiting this website — complete with a moon mission lesson plan! Great fun for the whole family!

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