Virtual Field Trip to Cheese Factory

June 4th, 2004 by ClickSchooling Leave a reply »

Recommended Website:
Tillamook Cheese Factory Tour

We’ve featured this site before on ClickSchooling, but it’s worth another visit. Meet Tillie the Cow, your guide on a tour of The Tillamook Cheese Factory in Oregon! Tillie will take your family on a simple tour (using text and photographs) that kids will enjoy. Families can read all about how cheese is made — from cow to curd. Use the small menu in the upper left to print out coloring pages that illustrate the cheese-making process — and you will find recipes for simple treats kids can make using cheese, milk, and milk products too.

Once you learn how cheese is made, look on the large menu bar at the top of your screen and click on the “Education” button for ideas to further learning . You can get more detailed information on the cheese making process, and find classroom ideas and lesson plans — like simple recipes for making butter and ice cream!

Don’t miss the “Educational Resources” button. It will take you to a list of websites all about milk and the products made from it — with games, activities and quizzes for preschoolers through elementary grades.


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