Story Starters!

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Thinkquest: Story Starters

Storytelling and story writing are fun family activities. Sometimes the hardest part is thinking of an idea to begin a story. At this website you will find 50 story starters — just one line or sentence designed to stimulate the imagination and spark a story idea. Print out the story starters and refer to them when you need an idea. Or, cut them up into 50 individual strips of paper, and put them in a box. Whenever you need a story idea, let the kids draw one from the box. For story telling, just read the story starter out loud, and take turns having each person add one more sentence to the story. For writing projects, let the kids draw an idea from the box and ask them to write a story using that idea — they may need to draw several to find one that really inspires them to write. This is a simple tool that can act as a muse for the scribes and tall-tale tellers in your family.

But that’s not all — if you click on the menu at the bottom of the Story Starter page, you will find all kinds of helpful information on learning how to write well. From the history of writing, to technique, form, punctuation, and a word glossary — along with lots of helpful activities to encourage writers of all ages.


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