James Cook & The Transit of Venus

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NASA: James Cook & The Transit of Venus

Every 120 years or so, a circular dark spot seems to glide across the surface of the Sun. It’s the planet Venus. On Tuesday, June 8th a Transit of Venus will occur. At today’s website, NASA has some terrific information on this event and how you can view it with your family. In addition, they have a fascinating historical account of the famous explorer James Cook’s observation of the Transit of Venus from Tahiti on June 3, 1769. You can read the text, view some pictures, and listen to an audio story about Cook’s experience viewing the Transit of Venus.

When you are through learning about the history of Cook’s viewing of the Transit of Venus, scroll to the bottom of the page to find links to more sites about Cooks voyages and explorations as well as NASA’s resource guide to the 2004 Transit of Venus that provides live viewing information as well as television and webast viewing times.


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