Virtual Visit to Pergrine Falcon’s Nest!

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Peregrine Falcons have been successfully reintroduced in cities where their numbers had drastically declined. Through the efforts of many conservation groups and corporate sponsors, nesting boxes have been placed atop skyscraper’s in major cities with great success. Several of these nesting sites have live cams that stream video footage to websites so that you can watch the birds, see their eggs, watch the hatching process and see how the hatchlings are cared for by their parents. I recently received notice that the Peregrine Falcons are back atop the Kodak building in New York. A list member, Ruth, wrote to me to tell me that falcons are also nesting atop a building in Cleveland, Ohio. Here are the websites where you can watch this amazing nature footage live:

Recommended Websites:

Kodak Birdcam

At this website you can see the nesting box of Mariah and Kaver, two mated Peregrine Falcons. Their eggs have not arrived yet — but you can check the site daily for progress. There is all kinds of terrific info on falcons at the site, archives of previous breeding seasons, and there’s even a Birdcam curriculum that you can tweak for the homeschool classroom! You can sign up for a free e-newsletter that will keep you informed when the chicks arrive too. Also, if you click on “Imprints,” you can take a virtual tour (text and photos) of the neighborhood.

Cleveland Falcon Cam

This site provides live footage from a nesting box on top of a skyscraper in Cleveland, Ohio. List member, Ruth, wrote:

“Cleveland, Ohio, also has a Peregrine Falcon Cam and lots of great educational information. A recent newsletter from their site had some incredible pictures of the birds tending their nest and two eggs during a snow-storm while waiting the arrival of a third egg. You won’t believe the dedication of these expectant parents. You can see the pictures here. In addition they have a related falcon site for kids with very interesting and fun information.”



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